Wasabi ice cream!

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makoto.jpgMakoto plate
For lunch my husband and I went  for the first time to the only "japanese"  restaurant of Pau, the Sushi-Thaï. It is not exactly a japanese restaurant because apparently it's more thaï than japanese...  But it was very good, I had sushi and sashimi : the makoto plate, Fabrice had chirashi. For desert I had wasabi, ginger and mango ice creams!  The wasabi ice cream was  quite surprising but really good, neverthless I do not think I'll have it another time... Ginger was excellent and mango is not as exotic, is it? (I took the mango one just in case the other two would be yuky;-)
So the food is good, the place is cosy and nice, the waitresses nice.
It's a shame that it is probably the only japanese restaurant in Pau, because in Paris we used to go only in japanese restaurants and went to a lot of them :-D We used to go in when we saw there was more japanese people than french people having their meal :-)
About the price, it is not cheaper than in Paris... Quite expensive in fact. We paid 50 euros for:
Miso soup, a plate, a desert, a drink x2. More expensive than the parisian restaurants we used to go actually.
Well, that was our restaurant of the month... What is yours?

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hiro 07/09/2007 14:37

mahie san, lols, wasabi icecream! you were so brave to try it out!  hehe.  I know it, but I haven't tried it.   Sushi-Thai, hehe, funny name, but I know it is very difficult to find real Japanese cuisines over there.  But the sashimi dishes look good!  :p I am glad that you eat sashimi.  Some people never eat sashimi or sushi, I mean row fish. 

Mahie 07/09/2007 20:55

I'm happy I tried it, it was funny. Fabrice and I could have japanese food evry day, we love it :-) Tomorow we're going to spain for the week : we also like spanish food very much :-))

Candy Froggie 07/09/2007 09:41

ohh as soon as I put my finger on our book, I'll tell you (the thing is... the one who's really cooking here is Martin, so he keeps all his secrets -books etc- in a safe place :P)

Mahie 07/09/2007 09:54

Woul he heep his recipes secrets? Here too Fabrice is the one who cooks :-) Fair enough, comme on dit!

Candy Froggie 05/09/2007 13:05

I must say I don't run after Japanese restaurants here since I'm not fond of fish (Martin also loves miso soup, cooked some the other day... but no, not for me!)Loup won't be with us next weekend so we might take Lola to a restaurant, French one. A really good one (drooling just thinking of it!)We often cook Thaï/Chinese/Japanese here, we've a great book and Martin LOVES trying it!

Mahie 05/09/2007 16:11

I love row fish! I'm a cat! ;-) Which one are you going to go? Hum, I never tried thaï food, I will try  next time in the same restaurant. Or maybe I should try at home? We started to cook japanese with Fab some time ago  but it was to much work :-D What book would you recomend fot thaï food?