I'm not afraid of snow anymore

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This afternoon suddenly thinking about the weather forecast I decided to go to Décathlon before 4pm very quickly, because if I want to park in our "historic city center" beside the school for 4:30, I have to arrive not at 4:28 but at 4... And read a book or listen to the radio for 30 minutes.
Soooo... I took my little car and went by the sunny roads of Béarn... I was not at 100 metres from home when I saw the first car covered with at least 10 cm of snow... What? Where did it snow? What's happening?
In five minutes I saw like 20, I mean 50, cars covered with snow.... Hum... I rushed into Decathlon and bought the last women pair of boots size 39! Another woman wanted them, I did resist! Then I rushed to the kid department and choose a pair size 32! Pfiou! Saved! (I know, I know I didn't bought boots for El Marido, he's a grownup)
Why such a panic?
Because... Boiled cat is afraid of hot waters... Ok, this expression doesn't exist : it's french... :-p
Ah well, in English it will be : once bitten, shy twice...  (I really prefer the french version ;-)
Why? Because I remember a famous winter in Bordeaux, 85 I suppose, when we had very low temperatures and very frozen feet and noses (we were several people). Yeah... (Do not complain I did advice you my English was a laugh...) Any way.... This famous winter (85) when it was like -15°C I decided I needed a good pair of boots, but my feet were too frozen to walk until a shop, beside they were no more winter boots in the shops... Here we are! That is the reason why I wanted so much to buy real-ugly*-winter-boots today...
Then when I was at the shop I realised how close to the mountain we live. Everybody was buying sleds, snowshoes or ski caps... Strange. Exotic...
Now... That you read this post, you can vote : do you want me to follow the blog in English or in French?
* Not that much.
That's all falks. Adishatz ;-)

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Candy Froggie 12/01/2010 16:07

mince j'ai pas cliquer sur le franglish, mais sur l'autre, par inadvertance! lol m'enfin les deux me conviennent parfaitement!

Mahie 12/01/2010 17:39

Hé hé tu fausses les stats! Lol.

hiro 09/01/2010 14:20

I saw some pictures of your town. I think it is a very nice place. :) Ah,, I don't have a pair of boots for snow or heavy rain because I have not found any beautiful, cute and elegant ones. :( If I
had a pair of cool boots I could enjoy walking in snow and rain.

Mahie 09/01/2010 14:49

Pictures of Pau?
Or from Bordeaux where we were on hollidays?
I had my boots on today but the snow meted before we went out! lol